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Operating Systems and Porting / Re: Firefox Status
« on: June 06, 2021, 09:24:53 am »
Unfortunately, the Ubuntu Firefox bookmark problem still persists today. I read that they had reported it but unfortunately there have been no corrections to date ... I am currently using 20.04 with KDE-PLASMA, I have not installed Firefox and on this graphical environment there is no default but in any case if I put Gnome as a graphical environment, Firefox has the same problem, even if you use 20.10. Now I don't know 21.04 but I don't think anything has changed even in that ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: Ubuntu anomalies on Power
« on: May 18, 2021, 03:37:07 pm »
Guys, I see that there are few who use Ubuntu on Power, nobody intervenes and so I suppose we are not many unfortunately ... In any case, regarding the anomalies found, that of the network connection has a bit of the incredible I would say. I mean, in the installation he sees the usual network port and loads that like every Linux distro does. Upon checking the connected network when you are inside Ubuntu in desktop mode, you notice that it does not see the network connection. The great thing is that if you open a browser it regularly browses and goes to the sites but when you see the connection, it tells you that that port is not connected and it does not even come out in the list of network ports. The first 2 of the Blackbird come out, which as we know are not connected and the one that is regularly connected does not come out ... All this is quite absurd I would dare to say because the network connection is regularly present and he saw it at the time of installation of the operating system ... Even if you give the command on the terminal he lets you exit all 3 ports and tells you the connected one, but in fact he does not see it ... I would define this as paradoxical ... ???

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Fedora 34 is out!
« on: May 18, 2021, 03:30:00 pm »
Hi guys, I wanted to report a nice bug in Fedora 34, I already wrote it in the comments of the review that the friend ClassicHas did on his Talospace. With Gnome 40, the audio volume when you are on a dedicated sound card as I am, that is with the RME, is at 0 and if you try to raise it back to 0 ... If you put internal audio on the motherboard then it works but if put the dedicated sound card no longer works. I also noticed that in the XFCE environment all this does not happen and works smoothly, so the problem is always Gnome 40, unfortunately it has many critical issues that need to be fixed ... :(

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: Ubuntu anomalies on Power
« on: May 14, 2021, 06:36:04 am »
Hi Borley, I tried to disable the part you told me about security but unfortunately the Firefox problem persists ... I also found problems with Thunderbird, the preferences to configure the program do not open.  Apparently the problems are mostly focused on Mozilla products ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: Ubuntu anomalies on Power
« on: May 07, 2021, 02:37:00 pm »
No guys the mistake was mine of a silly at the end ... When giving the module installation command, I gave sudo make install and instead the correct one was sudo make_install ... For a trivial error like this I could no longer compile the kernel on Ubuntu ... poor me ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Fedora 34 is out!
« on: May 06, 2021, 01:01:59 pm »
Even if it is stable, the Gnome is slow and in the choice of applications it jerks if you notice and not good for a desktop interface today ... They have to thoroughly review the general fluidity because they have not taken care of it at all this time unfortunately ... In my opinion from this point of view the Ubuntu team are ahead of everyone, the Gnome 3.38 when you have a graphics card is great, fluid and perfect at all times and it is a pleasure to use it ... They said that do not use version 40 on Ubuntu, in my opinion there is still something wrong, unripe and maybe it's partly the cause of these problems I don't know. The fact is that they still don't use Gnome 40 on Ubuntu 21.04 ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: Ubuntu anomalies on Power
« on: May 05, 2021, 02:32:54 pm »
Guys I can't compile the Kernel on Ubuntu anymore and I can't understand why.... It seems to be missing something but it doesn't tell me things and I've searched the web and I've installed everything that I found written but nothing, it gives me errors to install modules. These are the screenshots that I get when I try to install the modules and when I try to install the Kernel at the end ... Is it possible that I can not find all the necessary files or understand what I'm missing in order to install it correctly? Do any of you understand what's going on? Thanks

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: Ubuntu anomalies on Power
« on: May 04, 2021, 04:31:00 pm »
Guys good evening sorry, I can't compile Kernels 5.11 or 5.12 on Ubuntu. I think I lack the various libraries and files that these new kernels need now but I don't know which libraries and files they are. When I compiled the Fedora 5.12 Kernel, he made the requests to me himself but with Ubuntu it doesn't work like that and I don't know which ones to install. Can you give me a tip? Thanks always

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Fedora 34 is out!
« on: May 03, 2021, 02:25:38 am »
hi Tle, yes I think we should write to the developers to point this out because this gnome 40 is really bad, too jerky on Power and video cards have nothing to do with it ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Fedora 34 is out!
« on: May 01, 2021, 05:43:11 am »
Guys, about the Kernel 5.11.16 of Fedora 34, our friend TLE said that now it works with the AMD GPU nano even with pages set to 64K. To me personally, with 5700 does not work exactly as it did not work before, nothing has changed from this point and I continue to use my custom kernel in version 5.12 rc1 and as soon as 5.13 comes out I'll make a version tailored for me ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Fedora 34 is out!
« on: April 30, 2021, 02:33:01 pm »
Hi CCHINICZ, the resolution you see now from Blackbird's HDMI output should be normal as you can't go beyond 1920 * 1080 with the integrated GPU. With the 5700 XT I always have as many resolutions to draw from as is normal. As for the problems on X86 you are talking about, I don't know specifically what they are but I have seen that at least on X86 the graphical interface runs well, smooth and fast without jerks. With us, on the other hand, it literally sucks as you can all see. They have to fix the Gnome 40 because it is currently really bad ... I am amazed by the Fedora / RedHat team who should now theoretically take care of the Power versions a little more ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Fedora 34 is out!
« on: April 30, 2021, 03:51:47 am »
guys i'm seeing some videos on youtube, related to Fedora 34 and i'm seeing that the x86 version doesn't have the fluidity problems that we encounter instead ... Unfortunately this time they did a bad job on Power and the results are these. I hope that it will be reported as soon as possible and that they do some updates to fix it because it really sucks when you enter the applications ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: Ubuntu anomalies on Power
« on: April 29, 2021, 05:11:19 pm »
Hi Borley, ok I can prove this thing you tell me, I just have to find where it is first ... ;D

do you mean that I have to go to that path that you wrote me and create the chromium-browser.desktop directory and insert a text file with that link inside it?

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Fedora 34 is out!
« on: April 29, 2021, 03:00:41 pm »
Guys then, I'm testing Fedora 34 a bit. I inform you that even for me with the RX 5700 XT, gnome is slow but at this point I deduce that the fault is not absolutely our graphics cards but the lousy optimization that this programmers have once done it and at the same time I understand well why Ubuntu will not use this version of Gnome for its next release. It literally sucks. In fact, I only updated one of the 2 hardisks, for the other I will wait for them to optimize everything ...

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