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General CPU Discussion / Re: Power10 announcement from Raptor soon?
« on: October 03, 2023, 04:21:16 am »
At this point only someone from Raptor can answer directly, at least to know if this thing is real or means something completely different...

User Zone / Print no longer starts and cups doesn't allow sudden changes
« on: October 02, 2023, 12:51:50 pm »
Guys, I have an anomalous problem that I can't explain with Cups on Debian. Suddenly the printing no longer starts but there are 2 things that I don't understand that are really absurd in my opinion. The first is that the system sees the printer as normal and ready to go but it doesn't start. The second is that cups no longer allows me to make any changes, it always tells me that it is forbidden and no longer even allows me to delete and reset the printer from 0. It should be noted that the printer works properly both on another computer and on Fedora if I try with another operating system. The problem is therefore only on Debian which I don't understand why it suddenly stops printing and has cups blocked and no longer editable. Even when it asks me for my user name and password, it continues to forbid me from making any changes. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling cups but the problem persists... I can no longer understand what to do to restore printing...

Perhaps we will never see Power 10 in the home version due to that now famous problem of the firmware not being completely open, which apparently cannot be opened at this point otherwise I think IBM would have already done it... I think by now we are already thinking about Power 11 to help us renew our favorite computers...

Do you mean that Chromium could officially return to Fedora complete with a Raptor repository as already happens on Debian?  It would be a great thing... I just recently picked up Fedora and updated it to version 37 at the moment because it seems to be the one that goes best with Gnome.  I didn't upgrade to 38 because my TLE friend said that unfortunately Gnome on 38 is slow and ugly again... 37 instead finally works quite well for Fedora.

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Linux 6.5
« on: September 12, 2023, 09:05:42 am »
One day after the classic loading of Debian 12, I noticed that in the favorites bar below, an icon was missing, which was the blue one for the drawers that gives you access to all the files and directories you have in the operating system.  Without that it becomes practically almost unusable as we all know.  After a few days, no software updates arrived either and at that point I said to myself, nothing, I have to save what can be saved and delete everything to reinstall it.  I thought that given all the problems encountered with the new Kernels that do not work and should instead work normally, with the new problems I have, it is obvious that this Debian is now ruined and it is better if I eliminate it.  I keep the copy of 11.7 that I use in reserve on a mechanical HD if I have problems of this type, so I avoid having to reinstall everything from scratch.  However, I think that the mistake I made on that version was when I inserted the repositories with the .DE extension, and that's when the problems started.

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Linux 6.5
« on: September 11, 2023, 03:13:28 pm »
I'm testing it, it seems to be fine on Debian 11.7... I temporarily went back to 11 because 12 no longer works for me, after the Kernel problems the file directory disappeared and it wasn't even updating anymore.

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Linux 6.4
« on: July 26, 2023, 02:58:36 pm »
It seems that no one has yet managed to understand what afflicts my Debian 12 with the new Kernels... I would say a big problem, I don't know what to do at this point, I wanted to understand if there was at least a way to contact the development taem on Power and ask them what's going on... :(

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Linux 6.4
« on: July 16, 2023, 06:50:35 am »
I did the same command from Kernel 6.1.2 working, from here you can see all the output and apparently while seeing this anomaly on USB 1.4.4 everything works fine and it seems that there are no particular problems apart from this. I send the copied file to gedit of all the output.

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Linux 6.4
« on: July 16, 2023, 06:27:10 am »
I loaded Debian 12 Kernel 6.3 0.2, as soon as it got to the black screen I did CTRL, ALT, F2 at the same time and after logging in, I gave the dmesg command.  I was able to photograph this final part but I don't know how to do the whole part that runs from the beginning because obviously the output is longer and runs... Do you have any suggestions?  Thanks always

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Linux 6.4
« on: July 15, 2023, 10:49:47 am »
damn this is very strange Manatail... It doesn't work for me since I updated to Debian 12, from Kernel 6.2 onwards it doesn't work anymore and I'm forced to use 6.1... I don't understand at this point what's happening, I can try to check what TLE says at this point... But I don't understand this thing, I use Debian 12 exactly like Manatail and others and I haven't made any changes whatsoever... Very very strange...!

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Linux 6.4
« on: July 14, 2023, 09:49:04 am »
I don't think there are problems with AMD GPU, the Kernel loads regularly, unfortunately in my case that I use Debian 12, I don't know why, as I also wrote on the other discussion relating to Kernels, from versions 6.2.X Debian 12 doesn't work, not even with their own 6.3.0. Everything loads regularly but when it has to boot from the classic black screen before arriving at the login screen, it always remains in the black screen and you have to restart... But I repeat in this case I think it's only a Debian 12 problem, with Debian 11 itself not happens...

I also tried the new Kernel 6.4.1 stable on Debian 12 but unfortunately there is the same problem here too. The new Kernels don't work on Debian 12, the nice thing is that the official one, now at version, doesn't work either... I don't understand what is happening with Debian 12 and the new Kernels. Possibly it's still our problem on Power because I don't think the X86 version has these problems, they would have already noticed it I think at this point and after all this time...

Guys I did the latest Debian 12 updates, installed the packages to manage the new Kernel 6.3, installed the same Kernel 6.3 but it still doesn't work and we are talking about the official Debian one this time. So there is at this point, at least on Power, a real problem of the new Kernels from 6.2 onwards that Debian 12 can't get working. I hope the Debian developers on Power can shed some light on this situation because now there is a real problem that prevents us from carrying forward the Kernel on Debian...

Well, a long time has passed since 1995/96, a few years ago I could even agree with you as Debian was still far behind in terms of Kernel and performance in general on Power and was also a little too behind in my opinion in terms of packages. But from Debian 11 onwards things have definitely changed and in my opinion Debian has become a point of reference for us at Power for its good general performance and for the proverbial complete reliability it has and also now it is better updated as packages. If you try Debian now you have an excellent experience of general use, this problem I repeat is only something that currently only has Debian 12 and where you have to investigate thoroughly to understand where the problem lies. In the meantime, I hope that with the definitive version the problem disappears in any case...

Friend Dknoto, until now I too have no Kernel problems and indeed, with Debian 11.6 I was running 6.2.10 as Kernel without any problems. The problem arrived with Debian 12 which I don't know why it currently has this problem but it is clear that it is specifically about Debian 12. Honestly, since I have been with Debian I have found myself perfectly fine and it will certainly not be a small problem like this one that will make me change distros and I can tell you that I abandoned Fedora instead because it became a general crap between regressions and loss of direct support to Chromium for example. There are also too many criticisms due to the fact that they update immediately to let us users test everything. In the end, Debian 12 is still in the pre-release phase and therefore I think that in the final version they will fix this small inconvenience. I just wanted to report so that people like my friend Daniel Pocock are aware of these little bugs to go and then fix them in the final version.

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