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Classic has yes it's possible, maybe they made some corrections and made it available directly on Fedora 34 and then recommended dgcreations to update Fedora and try Blender later. I also asked for information through dgcreations, about the problems of MAME on Power and why there are the sources with bugs. They replied that they will possibly do a fix of the MAME sources, starting with Fedora 35, so they will work on it from now on, I hope they will be able to fix these MAME sources after a long time ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: Ubuntu anomalies on Power
« on: April 27, 2021, 02:59:45 pm »
Yes MPC I do not say that they do not work well, indeed Ubuntu from the point of view of the fluidity and general movement of the whole system, is also superior to Fedora. I just don't understand why it must continue to have these critical issues that have not been resolved for years now apparently because I had already seen them identical in version 19.04 and all this seems a bit grotesque to me honestly. Maybe no one has made any bug reports and they have never seen anything, I don't know what else to think. As for Debian, it is not normal for me that we have to remain anchored to very old and outdated things, when the world of computers travels by itself at an impressive speed and that what came next is also tested well and works well so in my opinion there is no reason ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Fedora 34 is out!
« on: April 27, 2021, 02:55:03 pm »
Hi guys, today I came back late and I have not even turned on the Power System, tomorrow I will see if I can get there and I also update one of the 2 hardisks. But I do not understand what this thing means of the slowness of gnome, he has never suffered from these problems, what happened, did they not make the optimizations that were needed? Now who should take more care of the Power version? Everything is very strange, I have to try it myself and see how it works for me with the RX 5700 XT ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: Ubuntu anomalies on Power
« on: April 26, 2021, 03:54:25 pm »
The differences are there my friend, the distributions are not all the same, both for updates they have available and for any bugs present. I also use Fedora as the main S.O on Power because it is the best in my opinion. Except that I also wanted to have some alternatives every now and then I realized that as an optimization, Ubuntu is even better than Fedora and I wanted to use it without these annoying little problems that limit its use unfortunately ... Debian for its part is terribly old and stagnant, they haven't updated certain parts for a long time and I honestly don't understand why, now certain things like the desktop Gnome higher than version 3.30 that they use, have been tested for a long time, absurd that they continue to stay at that. Just as it is absurd that the Kernel remains anchored to version 4.19, ultra old too ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Ubuntu anomalies on Power
« on: April 26, 2021, 06:49:33 am »
Hello to the whole Oper Power community, for some time I have installed Ubuntu in one of my hard disks and immediately afterwards to use my RX 5700 XT Navi 10 card, I compiled a kernel specifically. Using Ubuntu and checking the various features with respect to Fedora and Debian, I realized that unfortunately this distribution has various criticalities. I had also noticed it when I just bought the Blackbird, I tried Ubuntu first and unfortunately I saw that these critical issues are still present and they are bothersome as well. Specifically, I refer to the Firefox bookmarks for example, only on Ubuntu this browser gives this perennial error, since I installed version 19.04 and now that we have reached 20.10, the problem persists. It says there is probably a problem with the security software that an Ubuntu does and therefore there is a conflict but how come they still haven't solved it after years? I also tried to do what the guide says, eliminating directories that he himself indicates but the problem persists. Another very strange thing is the connection to the network. The system is regularly connected to the network but the icon at the top right indicating the connection is partially cut off, for him it is as if there is no network, press the connect button but nothing happens, yet the system is regularly connected to the internet. Problem that has also existed for years and has never been solved by the Ubuntu team. Another anomaly resides in the numeric keypad, the numbers are inverted, instead of starting with the number 1 from the bottom left, it starts with the same from the top always to the left and therefore instead of the number 7. 7,8,9 become 1, 2,3 ... Another anomaly occurs when using the Gnome software center, Ubuntu does not have it by default like Debian or Fedora and so I downloaded it, when you try to install an application after selecting it, he puts waiting without ever starting to download ... Honestly it is a shame that it has all these critical issues because as an optimization it is perhaps the best on Power, it is more fluid even than Fedora at the moment ... a real shame, if anyone knows how to solve these critical issues would be a really good thing ...

Applications and Porting / Re: MAME for Power
« on: April 26, 2021, 05:55:06 am »
Guys I tried to take the MAME source and compile it myself but unfortunately it doesn't work, it gives an error as you can see in the section dedicated to our architecture. I don't know at this point how for example Daniel Kolesa managed to get the version of him on Void LInux, it seems that there were errors in the source and therefore it is not compile and installable as a result. Finally, I don't know where to find the dependencies and libraries it needs ...

Hi TLE, I ran the command you told me and I started it also on Ubuntu. But my question now arises spontaneously, that is, how do I get the executable file with icon to open like any other installed application? Currently I am forced to always open the shell and give the command you told me to use it, but I would like it to be present already ready like all the other applications ... How should you do it? Thank you

Exactly after I do the regular extraction of the archive, the file I get is: chromium-browser-stable-87.04280.67-1. I see that the .deb extension is missing but I tried in any case to give the command: sudo dpkg -i chromium-browser-stable-87.04280.67-1 and he gives me an error with the words: error: the chromium archive -browser-stable-87.04280.67-1 is not a normal file. I also tried to give the classic sudo apt-get install chromium-browser-stable-87.04280.67-1 but again nothing. What do you think am I wrong and what command exactly does it take to install this chromium package on Debian? I think that with this command I do, it doesn't work because it wants .deb extensions and I don't have it on this archive so I think it takes another command ...

Great job as always TLE, as soon as I can I update.  The exact error I don't remember, I can try again to give the command and see what happens with this new version.  If it still gives me error I will post the exact output of what happens ...

Applications and Porting / Re: MAME for Power
« on: April 17, 2021, 04:02:35 pm »
Guys then, I found on the web this RPM source of mame that seems to be version 0.229 for PPC64le. But if i try to install it, it asks me besides some libraries, also the package called "mame-data.229 but i don't find this package anywhere. I found also the 197 version but I have the same problem, I can't find the package mame-data, that are the repositories that mame needs to be able to work. I've tried to run the command "dnf install mame-data" as a site recommends but it doesn't find anything unfortunately... I would like to understand at this point if this dependencies package exists or not... But if it doesn't exist, how come there is this source 229.rpm for our architecture?

The link where I found those sources:

Yes of course, in practice I download the tarball with Chromium, when I decompress the file, he extracts the file but does it without any extension and apparently this is a problem because if I try to install with the sudo dpkg command, it does not accept it and it gives me error. I tried to look for guides on how to install but unfortunately without success because it always gave me a pat that is no longer present or obsolete. Of course now this is new and I haven't tried to decompress it yet but I wanted to know before acting, if there is any particular command to use or something else to install ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: Fedora 33 LTS 5.10.x kernel RPMs
« on: April 16, 2021, 06:49:48 am »
You mean that now the Fedora Kernel has started using 4k pages like we do when we compile the Kernel ourselves?

Great job, only thing I wanted, asking you is how to install the Debian version.  I know I have to download and unpack the tarball but then for the installation I can't find the correct command ...

Hi friend TLE, great job you are great. I too have updated the repositories and installed version 85 that you compiled and am using it right now. Thanks for your work for the Open Power community! After a long time we finally have an update of this great browser!

Applications and Porting / Re: MAME for Power
« on: April 13, 2021, 03:35:28 pm »
Hei Classic hi, yes up to that part I was there too, I just don't understand where to get the Tarball folder that should be used for the compilation ... I don't see it in this list ...

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