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I ask you because the wiki procedure has never worked for me.  I have installed the packages it asks me but giving the commands then nothing works.  I use the universal procedure that is after having compiled the Kernel, I use in sequence: make -j, make modules_install and make install.  It just doesn't work well on Fedora because some specific package seems to be missing ...

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Linux 5.10 LTS
« on: January 21, 2021, 04:54:07 pm »
Friend Daniel Pocock has already written to the Fedora team to say this, he had already understood the problem for some time and in fact we did some tests on Debian together with him. When I managed to get it started and he always told me that the problem was almost certainly the size of the page, I immediately wanted to try to compile a new Kernel to see if I could get it to work on Fedora as well and I did. Even for Ubuntu the same speech and therefore it is clear that everything is related to the size of the pages. Obviously in the latest driver updates they have made on the graphic cards, they have changed this setting, therefore being that all distributions, for us at Power are compiled at 64K due to the fact that our versions are designed for servers and therefore need more of the version 64K, developers continue to leave the size at 64K. It won't be easy to convince them to change at this point ... Hopefully they can do it or sooner or later ...

Great job TLE, now you too have seen that the problem is only page size.  Can you tell me all the packages you installed on Fedora before doing the Kernel build and installation procedure?  Thanks

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Linux 5.10 LTS
« on: January 20, 2021, 06:43:41 am »
Hi TLE, yes, you too try to do the same thing.  I have changed only 2 options of all those that are available in the Kernel that is, CPU used, the Kernels of various distributions must leave Power 8 because they must maintain compatibility with it, we can put Power 9 without problems, then in the Kernel settings  , where it says page size, I change the 64K which is default to 4K.  I don't do anything else and I got both Fedora and Ubuntu working and Pocock started Debian.  So it is evident that the real problem is the size of the pages, evidently the new drivers of these graphics cards have as a feature the change from 64K to 4K and that's why there are these continuous problems ... They leave the page size at 64K,  I also looked at all the settings of the latest Fedora Kernels made by them ...

Guys, I also compiled the Kernel for Ubuntu and as you can see, I can use perfectly and finally I would say also, the Navi 10 GPU. I put the new and just released 5.10.8, it seems that it works well, I am very happy with the results obtained , Pocock was absolutely right, just use the pages in 4K and all distros start working perfectly on Navi 10!

Sorry guys but what happened to Chromium on Power? How come we are stuck at version 84.0.4147.125 and it doesn't update anymore? Has something happened or you have to run some new repository installation that I don't know?

Operating Systems and Porting / Re: [NEWS] Linux 5.10 LTS
« on: January 15, 2021, 03:07:19 pm »
Kernel 5.10.7, compiled and just tested. Compared to 5.9.16, it automatically switches to the video output of the AMD Navi 10 GPU and appears not to suffer from the fatal freeze bug when it goes to black screen to switch video output.
Also in this case I chose the solution of the pages in 4K and I left Wayland active.

Good evening guys, I'm writing to you from my Power system with Fedora and Kernel 5.9.16! I am sending you the photos of the screen shot just taken. I don't know exactly how he did to load the Kernel because the procedure I had done last time, I was not able to complete it completely and I actually wanted to go back to making some changes but it is also true that I was able to compile before and then install the various modules. It only gave me an error in the "make install" command. But today restarting to see if I could complete the installation, I realized that the Kernel 5.916 made by me, was in plain sight in the list of Fedora Kernels. From what I saw at first boot, the Kernel behaves in a very similar way to the modified one on Debian, that made me install my friend Pocock and therefore the flaw he gives me about that I see in this. If for some reason, he puts himself on a black screen, like that he goes into energy saving or you are without a screen saver and he turns off the montitor after a set time, the system freezes and does not even let me use the monitor options in fact and I have to restart. If I use the computer regularly then it seems to work fine. This flaw also affects the moment it finishes loading the operating system, both Fedora now and Debian with 5.9.6. The moment it finishes loading and the screen would like to move to GPU mode, the screen turns black and has the same identical block and this does it with both Debian and Fedora, so I have to move the video output to where I have the GPU before he goes to black screen and at that point he works. So I think there is some flaw in these new 5.9.X Kernels, regarding this particular. Having said that, the changes I made in this Kernel were, CPU selection which by default from Power 8, I changed it to Power 9, I changed the famous page size from 64K to 4K, as I guessed l 'friend Pocock. The rest I left everything by default. Wayland is active, so the problem at this point seems to be the size of the page ... Pocock thanks for everything you do, you helped me a lot to understand many things that I hope you and others will need ... I am sending you photos of the result of my work ...

Yes MPC I know that Fedora makes use of recent packages and also serves as a test for Red Hat but it is also true that Debian uses software too but too old ... too old in my opinion ...

Yes I saw your post on Fedora, I'm trying to install a Kernel with some changes made by me in the options but at the moment of making it readable I can't complete all the operations and that guide you posted to me doesn't work unfortunately. Now I have to try another procedure, we'll see if I can complete it. Chromium can't get it to work and it's very strange because it should be available in the same way as it is for other distros, it seems strange to me ... By the way Firefox is back as a version and in any case the Debian team you have to give a wake up call because they are really too backward, both as a Kernel and as the rest of the system. I can already report a bug in any case regarding the use of Debian with Navi 10. If you let the necessary time pass and you let it go to stand-by, you know that Debian after a set time which by default is set to 5 minutes, it darkens the screen and then you have to move something to make it resume, well if you make it do this with Navi 10, once the screen goes dark, you don't shoot it anymore, it stays black and you have to restart ... it's about 6800 XT, there is too little availability of those cards, it will be hard to get it quickly unfortunately and in any case it still seems very young to work well on our Power systems ...

Hi Pocock, I saw your post you tell Fedora developers about this issue that has been around for us for some time now, but do you think we could finally fix this damn crash problem on Navi 10?  You seem to have been supporting this for some time now, as you have seen I think, I was able to start Debian with Wayland's carelessness and the new firmware which obviously was only a Debian problem, but on Fedora we still have to evaluate.  I am trying to modify the Kernel but I noticed that the Fedora one, downloaded from their handouts and therefore official, does not allow to decompress and therefore I cannot try to enter to change the page size and do a test accordingly, then also disabling  Wayland ...

Guys can anyone tell me how to install Chromium on Debian? I did several tests but I never succeeded ...

So Pocock here we are, I congratulate you because you did it.  With the new firmware and deactivating the Wayland, Debian 10.7 with modified Kernel 5.9, runs on AMD Radeon Navi 10. I am attaching photos of the system information.  Already after I updated the firmware and removed Wayland, the Kernel 5.9 has finally started working regularly, the only thing that made the GPU turn off, the Radeon writing which is normally on, turns off as soon as the operating system is loaded.  In any case it was regular with integrated graphics.  After I put the GPU enable file in the usual path of usr / share / X11 / on reboot, changing the video input where I connected the GPU, it finally loaded Debian giving me the Debian boot screen in  4K resolution typical of this Radeon at login.  After a lot of work we succeeded, great work from you good.  At this point I wonder if the Fedora Kernel was really modified with 4K pages, it would start working again ... Listen, can you tell me the procedure for the repositories needed to install Chromium on Debian?  I tried to search the web but what I found doesn't work and the procedure we have here on the forum is not valid for Debian.  Thanks

Perfect thanks I had understood the opposite to disable.  Listen, however, I didn't understand how to update the firmware, on that site I don't understand how to get the updated firmware, can you tell me the procedure directly from Shell?  Thanks

ah I forgot the file to activate or deactivate the graphics server ... I have not touched anything and it comes out like this, if I have not misunderstood it is already deactivated and uses Xorg ...

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