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Legacy POWER Hardware / Old stuff survey
« on: December 08, 2019, 04:13:34 pm »
Since Raptor is offering this subforum, I'm wondering what old Power-based stuff people have hanging around. I'm sure a fair number of folks have Power Macs, and the number of Power Macs, PowerBooks, etc. in this house is too many to enumerate exactly, but what other old school Power hardware do you have?

IBM hardware:
2-way SMT-2 POWER6 (Type 8203-E4A), which runs Floodgap
IBM ThinkPad 860
IBM ThinkPad "800" Type 6020 (SCSI fuse got opened by a bad SCSI2SD; at some point imma repair this)

Be hardware:
BeBox dual 133MHz 603

Microsoft hardware:
Xbox 360 (one with mod chip, one without)

You can see most of these at and . What's lurking in your machine room?

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