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Hi, even if I registered at the site where the link takes me, I could not find these patches for the GPU you are talking about ... How should I download and install them if I wanted to do it for my AMD RX 5700 XT in case is compatible of course ... The browser already works very well, but if there is a way to further increase the performance and make better use of the graphics card it would be the best ...

Could you go to chrome://gpu then click 'Copy Report to Clipboard`, save it as a file, and post as an attachment here?

Applications and Porting / Chromium and Ungoogled Chromium DNF Repository
« on: December 14, 2019, 02:13:48 pm »
I am pleased to announce a DNF repository for PPC64LE Chromium and Ungoogled Chromium builds. The repo should work for RHEL or CentOS, but it is only tested on Fedora. These builds only work for POWER9 little endian.

Thanks to awordnot for much of the work on the patches and dftxbs3e for work on Ungoogled Chromium.

Further details and source, as well as tarballs and RPMs that should work on any RPM-based distro, are available at

To enable the repository, run:

Code: [Select]
sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo=

Alternatively, you can download the chromium-ppc64le.repo file from the repository and place it in /etc/yum.repos.d.

After adding the repository, run:

Standard Chromium
Code: [Select]
sudo dnf install chromium-browser-stable

Ungoogled Chromium
Code: [Select]
sudo dnf install ungoogled-chromium-browser-stable

Important Note for Existing Users of Ungoogled Chromium
In order to allow parallel installation of both versions of Chromium, this repository contains a patch to change the default location of the Ungoogled Chromium profile from ~/.config/chromium to ~/.config/ungoogled-chromium.

To use your existing profile with Ungoogled Chromium, simply run:

Code: [Select]
mv ~/.config/chromium ~/.config/ungoogled-chromium

Notes on Binaries
This build includes a number of additional patches and features:
Patches Included
  • Patch to enable GPU-accelerated video decoding
  • Patch to change the browser's user agent string to be the same as the official Chrome build on Linux, which helps reduce the browser's fingerprinting surface
  • Patch to enable use of POWER VSX instructions in the skia rendering engine
Features Enabled
  • Link-time optimized builds
  • PulseAudio integration
  • Non-free codecs

Build Logs
The logs for the build and repo creation are available under GitLab pipelines.

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