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Applications and Porting / A set of good old games
« on: April 11, 2023, 03:32:58 pm »
I have tried some games on my Talos 2 and I posted a review there:

Some of them are already known to work but that may provide additional information.

About the tested games, they are: ZGloom, SDLPop (Prince Of Persia), REminiscence (Flashback), Hurrican (Turrican), ScummVM, Doom, Quake, Doom 64, sm64 (Super Mario 64) and StarWars OpenJK (Jedi Academy).

Linux is still used on old machines (PowerMac, X1000/X5000) even if the situation is not comfortable: they are not so powerful (even more with 32-bit models),
there are some distributions but not fully supported ...

It became very problematic when Debian announced PPC wouldn't continue to be supported. Updates for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS stopped last year.
I had much hope with VoidLinux but they announced the end of their big-endian distribution.

I heard about Adelie but I thought it was not very active ... I may be wrong.
Chimera Linux will provide 64-bit BE support but at 3rd tier level.
There are other attempts like MintPPC, Fienix ...

I wonder if we should not have to focus on one or two distributions and make them strong ... if it's not too late.

So, I would like to know your opinion:

1. Do you think it is still time to want a polished distribution on these machines?
2. What would be the most promising distribution (and not for hardcore Linux hackers)?
3. Should we focus on 64-bit models only?

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