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Operating Systems and Porting / Re: Fedora 34: going to 4k page size? Help needed
« Last post by pocock on January 08, 2021, 05:35:40 pm »
I already asked this question in the same Fedora thread and it was answered there.  It looks like an extra hassle for them but maybe they can be persuaded, after all, IBM now owns Red Hat.

The page size issue impacts multiple architectures, not only ppc64el.  If proponents of bigger page sizes are willing to invest in resolving it, there are developers who will step up to help and there are tools we can use to detect signs of these problems.  It is a bit like Covid contact tracing, if the right people act with the right tools, we can solve it but we also have other battles to fight too.
I see sharkcz is already involved in this conversation. I personally am not aware of anything that would break as a result (in fact, as you correctly point out, many things would suddenly "just work"). My only hesitancy is it would make 64K page kernels more of a pariah than they are already, sort of like another situation with big-endian, and there are performance reasons for 64K pages. Might this, perhaps, be a Workstation-only change and keep the performance benefits for Fedora Server?
Operating Systems and Porting / Fedora 34: going to 4k page size? Help needed
« Last post by pocock on January 08, 2021, 04:47:38 pm »
We had some discussions in fedora-devel about changing the default page size from 64k back to 4k

This could be done for Fedora 34 - I opened a change request under Fedora policy

How do people feel about this?

Does anybody want to take ownership of the Fedora change request?

Technically, only one line of code needs to change but there is some coordination to make sure everything in userland is rebuilt and to do some tests of the installer as a bare minimum.

Code: [Select]

I might be willing to take ownership of the change personally but if somebody else wants to take ownership, that will free up some of my time for other things.

It is also important to verify that other users are comfortable with this strategy: please feel free to comment through the Fedora mailing list.
Applications and Porting / Re: Chromium and Ungoogled Chromium DNF Repository
« Last post by MauryG5 on January 07, 2021, 08:20:12 am »
Guys can anyone tell me how to install Chromium on Debian? I did several tests but I never succeeded ...
Operating Systems and Porting / Re: Slackware64-Current
« Last post by Logout on January 07, 2021, 01:20:19 am »
I will write about it more in detail on vivaPowerPC, but I decided to put things I slackbuild for my machine on the server for others. I try to mimick well known structure of Alien's SlackBuilds as much as possible.
There are only few packages there, well I just started, SlackBuild scripts have the ppc64le section added and if possible I try to build from as fresh versions as possible. The source package used to build is also in the build folder.
I'm adding single line with my contact to every SlackBuild script, so people can send curses directly to me and not to the original maintainer.

If anyone of you is brave enough:
So Pocock here we are, I congratulate you because you did it.  With the new firmware and deactivating the Wayland, Debian 10.7 with modified Kernel 5.9, runs on AMD Radeon Navi 10. I am attaching photos of the system information.  Already after I updated the firmware and removed Wayland, the Kernel 5.9 has finally started working regularly, the only thing that made the GPU turn off, the Radeon writing which is normally on, turns off as soon as the operating system is loaded.  In any case it was regular with integrated graphics.  After I put the GPU enable file in the usual path of usr / share / X11 / on reboot, changing the video input where I connected the GPU, it finally loaded Debian giving me the Debian boot screen in  4K resolution typical of this Radeon at login.  After a lot of work we succeeded, great work from you good.  At this point I wonder if the Fedora Kernel was really modified with 4K pages, it would start working again ... Listen, can you tell me the procedure for the repositories needed to install Chromium on Debian?  I tried to search the web but what I found doesn't work and the procedure we have here on the forum is not valid for Debian.  Thanks

Please try this for the firmware:

Code: [Select]

mkdir ~/firmware-20201022

cd ~/firmware-20201022


sudo dpkg -i *.deb

After replacing the firmware packages, you need to reboot
Perfect thanks I had understood the opposite to disable.  Listen, however, I didn't understand how to update the firmware, on that site I don't understand how to get the updated firmware, can you tell me the procedure directly from Shell?  Thanks

Your firmware version looks recent enough for RX 5700 but maybe it would work better with this slightly newer package, there is no backport yet

To use Xorg, you need to remove the '#' symbol in front of the line

In this example, Wayland is enabled:

Code: [Select]

and in this example it is disabled and it will use Xorg:

Code: [Select]
ah I forgot the file to activate or deactivate the graphics server ... I have not touched anything and it comes out like this, if I have not misunderstood it is already deactivated and uses Xorg ...
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