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I contacted the guy who takes care of the Blender build for Fedora, we have been in touch for a week now, he sent me a build 2.92 with the cycles engine active, I tried to render with cycles but Blender suddenly quits.  He said it's a general source file problem ... I didn't quite understand what he meant (I use google translator) however he told me he is preparing the official Build and advised me to install Fedora 34 which should be available  from now.

Yesterday I discovered that the blender engine cycles is an addon that can be deactivated or activated at will. In fact, on the Power version of Blender this addon is missing. The sources exist, so I don't know if there is any specific problem in compiling the addon for our machines.

Thank you for the answer, no I couldn't bring up the Cycles engine, I also sent the command:

$blender -E help

from the terminal and the result is:

Blender Engine Listing:

the Cycles engine is missing from the list  :(
I currently have an old graphics card that Fedora 33 obviously fails to exploit, I would like to buy the Radeon Pro WX7100 that the Talos II supports but before making the purchase I wanted to make sure that I can use it with Blender.
Were you able to use the "Cycles" rendering engine?
If you can please send me some rendering tests with CPU and GPU Cycles of those present on:

It is very important for me to know that I can use Blender in all its features, I am willing to lose some performance due to the lack of optimization for Power processors, but I would like to be able to use it with all the features.
While for the rendering speed with the "Eevee" engine the CPU never exceeds 12% of utilization, yet I set very high priority.
What graphics card do you use, is editing in Blender smooth? Thank you very much for your help or who can help me.

Thanks MauryG5  ;)

Applications and Porting / Blender on Talos II and Fedora Workstation
« on: April 08, 2021, 12:38:27 pm »
Hi, I'm new to the Linux world and new Talos II user, a bit using Raspberry Pi, from 1993 to 2005 I used Amiga 68k and PPC systems, for a short time Windows on x86 and since 2006 Mac intel, the latest arrival was the MacMini M1 that I mainly use with the Blender that I am learning to use. I got closer to the Amiga world in October of last year and I learned about the Raptor's OpenHardware cards so that I was firing the BlackBird. Power Architecture fascinates me a lot, so that looking for information on these cards I found a Talos II dual power9 (4 core) on a used market in Italy, so I bought it and now here I am. Yesterday I assembled the card with slightly dated hardware just to try it, I installed Fedora Workstation and the first software I installed was Blender that I found on the Fedora graphic store, the version is 2.91.1, therefore very recent, I used it on a Shappire HD3450 graphics card, but also moving or rotating the cube that is displayed when Blender is opened is slow and jerky, probably the system cannot take advantage of the graphics card I have mounted but I thought that the Very powerful CPU could still make the movement smooth. On the advice of a friend I disabled Wayland and on restart Fedora no longer appeared on the pci graphics card but on the integrated graphics, certainly slower than the HD3450 but not that much, in particular with Blender it went slightly slower but I found it more stable, in fact the system with the HD3450 more than once crashed so I assume there is a compatibility problem.
Another thing I noticed that from the Blender preferences under "System" the "Cycles render device" section does not appear in fact the only engine available is eevee, also trying a test rendering of the cube it takes 16 seconds, as time it seems too high compared to the Mac M1, but anyway looking at the system monitor I noticed that the total CPU load is around 10% in fact the CPU fans are running at minimum. I would like to know if any of you use Blender and if you can use 3D acceleration with OpenCL and modern graphics cards and if you can use the Cycles rendering engine and if so how to do it, sorry but I know little about Linux.

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