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The patch is scheduled for the next release, v1.6:

Not a big deal, it just uses the compiler’s auto-vectorizer as it does on ARM, but it does compile cleanly and passes all tests.

Applications and Porting / Intel RealSense (depth cameras) SDK 2.0
« on: January 21, 2020, 11:21:50 am »
My tiny patch to make the Intel RealSense SDK 2.0 compile on POWER just got accepted.
A couple of weeks ago I got an Intel D435 depth camera, which plugs through USB 3, and it’s working perfectly now with my BlackBird.

I thought about listing it in the Wiki but being a USB device I did not see any good place to mention it and it might not be worth the trouble, as lots of USB devices just work without any special consideration.
Here it might fit better; just want to make sure there are some search results if someone is considering using those cameras with BB/Talos.

Blackbird / Keyboard unresponsive at boot menu (Petitboot)
« on: December 09, 2019, 04:28:07 am »
Is this a known issue?
My BB works fine otherwise, but at the boot menu the only key that seems to do anything is CTRL+ALT+DEL, so at least I can reboot.
Any other key interrupts the automatic boot, but otherwise does nothing.

I have tried different keyboards, also plugged directly instead of through a USB HUB.

I remember this working a couple of weeks ago as I was setting it up.
Is this affected by the on-board VGA disable jumper? That’s the only change I’ve made to the motherboard since then. I haven’t updated or modified the firmware (boot/BMC flash), just installed Linux in a SATA drive, which works perfectly fine and I’m using now to write this message.

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