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Just a rough idea of what would have to be changed and/or parametrized, we don't own any Blackbird board so no way of testing. No precise estimations (then again, estimations for Talos II were far from precise...), but given enough resources I'd say it would be possible.

When following instructions from you get to the screen that shows version of installed image, by clicking at blue (...) icon you can also get details about components' versions, see attached screenshot. I don't know if this looks the same on older BMC images, though.

It also doesn't report FPGA firmware version, and as far as I can tell it can only be obtained by reading I2C register as described here. They do not map 1:1 with user-readable versions, however, e.g. v1.08 is 0x0c (

There is also, linked directly on wiki's main page.

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