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Compile firmware with upstream codes
« on: August 18, 2023, 08:49:21 am »
I've been curious about compiling the firmware by using the upstream code in the open-power repository. Today I find some spare time to do so.

The firmware from upstream has more up-to-date component, for example skiboot, linux, hostboot, buildroot, sbe, hcode, etc and I hope one day the upstream would bump linux kernel from 5.x to 6.x so I get the AMD RX 6600XT amdgpu modules loaded in Petitboot

AFAIK Fedora 38 is no good with building the firmware as I've run into so many compilation issues with buildroot, so if you are to try it yourself, please use Ubuntu 22.04 ppc64le (as of August 2023). You can use to spin up a Ubuntu 22.04 ppc64le container environment if you don't want to install Ubuntu 22.04 in QEMU.

$ sudo apt-get install cscope ctags libz-dev libexpat-dev \
   python language-pack-en texinfo gawk cpio xxd \
   build-essential g++ git bison flex unzip \
   libssl-dev libxml-simple-perl libxml-sax-perl libxml-parser-perl libxml2-dev libxml2-utils xsltproc \
   wget bc rsync
$ git clone --recursive
$ git checkout -b my-own-build c84a4260b7f1849dc9bb67cd1bf727cff25b4d9d # This is the latest commit as of 31 Aug 2023
$ cd op-build
$ ./op-build blackbird_defconfig && ./op-build

It will take LOOOOOOOOONG time to get the buildroot ready. Once done, the blackbird.pnor file can be found in the output/images folder.

You can now flash this firmware by following this guide
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