Author Topic: [NEWS] Alma Linux 9.1 is out!  (Read 840 times)


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[NEWS] Alma Linux 9.1 is out!
« on: November 17, 2022, 04:55:38 am »
Consider the successor of CentOS, Alma Linux today announced the version 9.1 just shortly after the release of RHEL 9.1

Download URL:

Added a new remote machine attestation tool:


Updated packages:

    SELinux user-space packages to version 3.4

Added SHA-256 support in the semodule tool

libsepol-utils package has new policy utilities

The system configuration and the clevis-luks-systemd subpackage changes enable the Clevis encryption client to unlock also LUKS-encrypted volumes that mount late in the boot process without using the systemctl enable clevis-luks-askpass.path command during the deployment process.

Added NetworkManager support for migrating connection profiles from the deprecated ifcfg format to keyfile format.

NetworkManager indicates that WEP support is not available in AlmaLinux 9.

The MultiPath TCP (MPTCP) code in the kernel has been updated and upstream Linux 5.19.

Added a new package:


Updated command-line tools:

    opencryptoki to version 3.18.0
    powerpc-utils to version 1.3.10
    libvpd to version 2.2.9
    lsvpd to version 1.7.14
    ppc64-diag to version 2.7.8

Updated infrastructure services tools:

    chrony to version 4.2
    unbound to version 1.16.2
    frr to version 8.2.2

Added new module streams:

    PHP 8.1
    Ruby 3.1
    Node.js 18

Updated module stream:

    Apache HTTP Server to version 2.4.53.

Performance tools and debuggers updates:

    Valgrind 3.19
    SystemTap 4.7
    Dyninst 12.1.0
    elfutils 0.187

Updated performance monitoring tools:

    PCP 5.3.7
    Grafana 7.5.13

Compiler updates:

    GCC Toolset 12
    LLVM Toolset 14.0.6
    Rust Toolset 1.62
    Go Toolset 1.18
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