Author Topic: [DEV] bx library now supports building on ppc64le with gcc and clang  (Read 1359 times)


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Good to know that the game library bx can be compiled successfully on ppc64le linux


How to compile it?

Code: [Select]
git clone
# make sure you build bx/genie binary on your ppc64le first because the bundled genie is for x86_64
./tools/bin/linux/genie  --gcc=linux-ppc64le-gcc gmake # for GCC
# or
./tools/bin/linux/genie  --gcc=linux-ppc64le-clang gmake # for clang

make  -R -C .build/projects/gmake-linux-ppc64le-gcc/ config=debug64 # for gcc debug version
make  -R -C .build/projects/gmake-linux-ppc64le-clang/ config=debug64 # for clang debug version

make  -R -C .build/projects/gmake-linux-ppc64le-gcc/ config=release64 # for gcc debug version
make  -R -C .build/projects/gmake-linux-ppc64le-clang/ config=release64 # for clang debug version

So what does it mean? It means that we are just a tiny step closer to have minecraft compiled out of the box without any patch
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