Author Topic: The point about Power 10 currently  (Read 30 times)


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The point about Power 10 currently
« on: November 25, 2021, 01:41:09 pm »
Friends of the Power community, I think the time has come to take stock of the Power 10 situation because in my opinion at the moment there is a bit too much impatience combined with general confusion. So currently, if you have read everything correctly, it is clear that Power 10 was launched by IBM but only and exclusively for the 1080 series servers and we all know that they are the high-end ones. Furthermore, it has been repeatedly observed that the processors currently in use by these servers, obviously are the high-end ones, ie with a minimum of 15 cores (16 but one is turned off if necessary) and a maximum of 30 cores. Now we all know well that these numbers, also linked to the range to which these servers belong, clearly makes us understand that these are CPUs clearly of the type to understand, direct successors of MONZA and LAGRANGE of Power 9 and therefore high-end. It is perfectly obvious that currently, even if the firmware were completely free, Raptor would not be able to produce a P10 based motherboard on the spot because the costs would obviously be prohibitive. So the reasons that today cannot lead to a production of P10-based motherboards are both the current lack of free firmware but also the lack of medium and low-range solutions, equivalent to our current Sforza P9. So I would say that instead of continuing to ask Raptor when and if it will produce P10 based cards, we should concentrate on waiting for the release of the mid and low range solutions in the meantime, which I don't think will arrive shortly and later, once they start. to exit, then also see if IBM will start as I think, to release the firmware sources completely open and ask Raptor what programs they will have at that point on P10. Currently I repeat, there is nothing feasible because even if the firmware were already free, the prices are prohibitive and there are no CPU offers equivalent to Sforza which is what we all use on our Power systems for desktop. and small home servers ... Let's be patient and see what will come out maybe already in 2022 by IBM on the medium and low range and then we will start to have everything clearer!