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« on: January 15, 2022, 12:40:35 pm »

    Today I installed Devuan. It works.

I have not done anything with it yet except try a few programs. Looks good for a new (and different) distro. It does boot very fast.

I used the mini.iso and the expert install option selecting the 5.10.0-9 kernel.
I'm also had to use the Realtec RTL8168e-2.fw nic firmware. Which I rescued from a x86 box.
I'm also using the AST graphics.
So far......So good.  8)
Talos II 2x8, 32GB RAM, onboard Microsemi RAID,  AMD WX7100, J.Micron SATA/PATA PCIe adapter. Debian with Mate.