Author Topic: Share your machine with the community through the effort by the Kernel.Cafe  (Read 626 times)


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Mr. Strormberg has been advocating for a shared community computers targeting developers who want to access to unpopular architectures for learning and app porting.

More details could be found at

I really like the noble idea and hope that my linux.ppc64le node (hostname: shrimp-paste) would help encourage more developers to pick up OpenPOWER platform. I would like to encourage you to share your
node too if it is not much hassles.
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I'm interested in getting funding for projects on ppc64le and as part of that, I'd be happy to budget for a lab machine and make it available publicly.  Sometimes I would be testing different operating systems or kernels so it wouldn't be available continuously.
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My personal network security requirements are a concern for offering my own hardware to the project, but I like this idea.