Author Topic: CPU alignment / slots not working  (Read 1818 times)


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CPU alignment / slots not working
« on: September 15, 2020, 03:12:48 pm »

After my success with the NVIDIA card, I decided to try it in each slot

I found that it wouldn't work in slot 3, that is the middle 16x slot.

I tried removing and re-inserting it a couple of times and I inspected the slot with a torch and couldn't see any problem

Next I tried removing and re-seating CPU #2.  After doing this, the NVIDIA card in slot 3 is working.

Are there any diagnostics to confirm CPUs are correctly inserted?  Everything else I did on the CPU appeared normal, for example, I had exercised all cores and RAM without problems.

Is there any technique to follow when inserting the CPUs to avoid issues like this?
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