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The is the best news I've received perhaps all year. Hopefully the new design, both boards and chips, uphold freedom and openness before bolting on any new creature comforts.

Other wishes to Condor it is Built-in  Kestrel and FSF RYF.

FSF have not gotten around to Blackbird RYF certification because they have not had the bandwidth to focus on it. Maybe new boards will reignite their vigor.

Blackbird / Back in stock - the journey, chronicled
« on: April 19, 2023, 06:04:55 pm »
Quote More Blackbirds are being produced
IRC, July 19:
tpearson: bkeys: We're targeting shipments starting September.  Not a guarantee, but you may use that for planning

The #Blackbirds are coming, the #Blackbirds are coming!  What are we up to now...…

Be sure to pre-order yours now at… to get one of these new units fresh off the line.  More updates to come in November!

"Any word on when more Blackbird boards will be available?"
@RaptorCompSys Dec 9 Replying to @jwbowen
We had hoped to have them available last month but are working through some new issues in regard to supply chain.  We'll have an update later this month, hopefully with some good news!

April 26
In reference to the Blackbirds, we continue to work through the remaining COVID19 lockdown induced issues.  We are very close at this point to having them back in stock in significant quantities, so shipments should resume shortly.  Talos II remains in stock at this time.

Seems to be awaiting this FPGA

3/2 thum> that would've been weird, Tim just mentioned those in an email to me...

@RaptorCompSys Mar 7
Best way to prevent this type of weapon being turned on you is to buy a Talos II right now, or a Blackbird soon

Mar 30
We'll have these back in stock…,175.msg3017.html#msg3017
I placed mine in late September of last year. Cross your fingers.
edit: Got an email this evening confirming shipment, with a tracking number. What a weekend for me to go out of town... but next week I'm free to set it up!

By August 31st
There are small improvements, but largely the same.  We don't want to have to increase prices to the extent that would be needed for a ground-up redesign.

In conjunction with the Arctic Tern release today, we also wanted to provide an update on Blackbird. We remain on track for shipment by August 31, 2022.
Those items would also be possible -- S2R is theoretically possible starting with the 1.02 hardware version of the Blackbird, due to power regulator control circuit changes...
April 12, 2023
The #Blackbird owner-controlled #POWER9 desktop mainboards and systems are now back in stock!

Okay, these are actually just my notes from tracking the situation. It took 34 months to reach full production again, which is laudable considering the circumstances they were up against. Individual orders were fulfilled and received even earlier than that.

Applications and Porting / OpenShot to be available in Bookworm
« on: April 17, 2023, 11:55:47 am »
As of Debian Bookworm, it seems that openshot-qt will now be installable due to previously non-ppc64el dependency python3-openshot gaining ppc64el status. I'd been resorting to pitivi, which is okay but not as robust or as reliable. I have updated my workarounds notes to include this improvement.

Since the internal USB2.0 header is not detailed anywhere in the manual, does anybody know if there are security or other implications to using this port? For example, if flash storage were attached, it is still behind IOMMU? Does it still connect to the same Texas Instruments USB host controller?

User Zone / Re: Rough edges and how I work around them (or not)
« on: April 07, 2023, 08:59:15 am »
Now that you describe it, yes my system does the same thing. I've just trained myself into always fully powering off the system whenever I reboot. So I haven't had to deal with the issue since that is now normal operating procedure for me. So no, nothing is wrong with your particular board. I think all Blackbirds are affected.

If Raptor products ever do get support for suspend to RAM, this audio adapter disappearing is probably something that both development and users will run into. Here's a quick check against my kernel boot logs:

Code: [Select]
1 Time(s): usb 1-4.4: New USB device found, idVendor=0d8c, idProduct=0102, bcdDevice= 0.10
 1 Time(s): usb 1-4.4: New USB device strings: Mfr=0, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
 1 Time(s): usb 1-4.4: Product: USB Sound Device       
 3 Time(s): usb 1-4.4: Warning! Unlikely big volume range (=6928), cval->res is probably wrong.
 2 Time(s): usb 1-4.4: Warning! Unlikely big volume range (=8065), cval->res is probably wrong.
 1 Time(s): usb 1-4.4: [11] FU [Line Playback Volume] ch = 2, val = -6144/1921/1
 1 Time(s): usb 1-4.4: [15] FU [Line Capture Volume] ch = 2, val = -4096/2832/1
 1 Time(s): usb 1-4.4: [2] FU [PCM Capture Volume] ch = 2, val = -4096/2832/1
 1 Time(s): usb 1-4.4: [8] FU [Mic Capture Volume] ch = 2, val = -4096/2832/1
 1 Time(s): usb 1-4.4: [9] FU [Mic Playback Volume] ch = 2, val = -6144/1921/1
 1 Time(s): usb 1-4.4: current rate 30464 is different from the runtime rate 96000
 1 Time(s): usb 1-4.4: new full-speed USB device number 7 using xhci_hcd

If you reboot (remaining on mains power), I wonder what, or if any, output for this device is.

Blackbird / Re: Stereo audio channels swapped?
« on: April 07, 2023, 08:44:25 am »
All I needed to do was add

Code: [Select]
load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:"ICUSBAUDIO7D" channel_map=right,left
in the existing /etc/pulse/

It seems it's a hardware issue which will be fixed in future revisions:

And on the wiki:

"FPGA Add standby VDDRAB 1.2V power plane controls for corresponding hardware in Blackbird planar revisions 1.02 and above."

User Zone / Re: Adventure in networking
« on: March 26, 2023, 11:24:32 am »
What were your findings between the five systems?

Still, always exciting to see a familiar name listed there.

User Zone / Re: Rough edges and how I work around them (or not)
« on: March 26, 2023, 11:18:26 am »
Are you saying your audio device doesn't drop off the USB bus completely? If I do a "hot reboot", i.e. OS -> Petitboot -> OS, the audio device is fine and works straight away. If I do a proper shutdown that turns off the CPU, status light turns orange, etc, then if I start the system again the audio device is completely gone from the USB subsystem until I completely remove all power from the system.

If it is working for you, I'd be curious to know what revision Blackbird board you have - I wonder if that makes a difference here (I have 1.02).

It is possible that our issues are just similar yet separate. What happens for me is that sometimes (a minority of bootups) GNOME will only report the existence of my HDMI audio through the GPU with no dropdown option for the usual "CM106 Like Sound Device" or it might just erroneously say "Speakers" (which provide no audio out when tested). Restarting pulseaudio appears to rectify this.

My main board is revision 1.01.

User Zone / Re: How to set hwclock (BMC) to correct date?
« on: March 26, 2023, 11:11:26 am »
Thanks, I just replaced the CMOS battery and checked voltages. The original from factory battery was still at 3.1V. The new one was at 3.12V. I'm not sure that makes much of a difference.

So I went through the BMC web interface and what really did it was checking the "Time Owner" property which was left on "BMC". After I changed it to "Both", I was then able to successfully update and save the RTC time.

I rebooted and for the first time in months, haven't had to manually set the system time through desktop settings. We'll see if it keeps up from here on out 👍 (or if it will forever be in stasis at "March 26, 2023, 11:3...").

User Zone / Re: How to set hwclock (BMC) to correct date?
« on: March 25, 2023, 10:12:55 am »
A problem is, once the hardware clock does update, it just seems stuck forever on that time and date. Maybe the CMOS battery needs replacing?

User Zone / Re: Rough edges and how I work around them (or not)
« on: March 25, 2023, 10:09:29 am »
Can you please see if this is fixed by this update?

Please confirm the ffmpeg version you are using

I will tag this to check. I am currently on ffmpeg 4.1.6.

I'm so bad with consistency. Anyway, just checked with the same script while using ffmpeg 4.3.5. Problem persists.

Here is the script:

Code: [Select]

if test $# -lt 6; then
        cat <<-EOH
        $0: Script to generate animated gifs easily from command line.
        $0 input.(mp4|avi|webm|flv|...) output.gif horizontal_resolution fps start_time duration
    exit 1

palette="$(mktemp /tmp/ffmpeg2gifXXXXXX.png)"


ffmpeg -v warning -ss "$5" -t "$6" -i "$1" -vf "$filters,palettegen" -y "$palette"
ffmpeg -v warning -ss "$5" -t "$6" -i "$1" -i $palette -lavfi "$filters [x]; [x][1:v] paletteuse" -y "$2"

rm -f "$palette"

The file it produces, from a sample:

User Zone / Re: Rough edges and how I work around them (or not)
« on: March 25, 2023, 10:03:34 am »
Apologies for bumping this, but has anyone figured out why this happens? I'm running into this constantly, and everything I've tried to avoid having to do a full power cycle has failed. I tried powering off the individual ports of the hub (the only Genesys Logic hub on the board, GL852 I believe) it is connected to, powering off the entire hub that it is connected to (not just individual ports), and even powering off the TI USB Hub that pretty much the entire system uses, but none of them bring the audio device back.

I have found that instead of rebooting, it is possible to just restart the pulseaudio service (for those of us using pulseaudio and systemd):

Code: [Select]
systemctl --user restart pulseaudio
Always corrects the issue within seconds. Maybe a script that runs this a minute or two after login would automate the problem away.

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