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I've been talking with the FreeBSD PowerPC devs, and they're unfortunately making a mistake, in my humble opinion, regarding their support for the Talos. They are not interested in either a separate little endian version, or to consider migrating their ppc64 port to little endian. It's unfortunate, as the litany of evidence that I've read on POWER is that little endian POWER will probably be the future due to big-endian.

But then again, FreeBSD has made some dumb decisions in the past. Hopefully NetBSD or OpenBSD will step up.

I've considered once I get a POWER board on doing a fork of FreeBSD for POWER64el, but another consideration has been just doing that for illumos or something.

Probably going to just end up running Debian, in all likelihood until a BSD or illumos is available that is little-endian.

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