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Blackbird / Regular users issues
« on: December 22, 2019, 03:50:17 am »

I whould like to buy your system to have a 100% open pc for security and privacy reason, i’m an average user i just know how to install linux on a pc and use it, no more no less, so there are things that stop me to buy it and i whould like to know if are you working on it.

I hope you could reply to my numerous questions

Hardware/firmware problems that stop me to buy it
_Updating the firmware is something i do not even understand, it’s just out of my capabilities. When will be possible to update it from “bios like x86” or from OS with an easy tool where i can download the firmware files and this tool will flash it just with a click or a “sudo firmwarefile.bin”
_I’ve heard it take minutes to cold boot, is it true? I usually power on and off so i hope you will make the cold boot faster like x86 are
_Afaik the NIC firmware it was reversed engenereed but it still ship with the closed source version, do you know when the open firmware will be implemented by default on your systems?

Software problems/questions
_Do debian graphical installer work ootb? I’ve heard it has issues
_I know firefox JIT is a working progress, there are other incompatibilities should i be aware of? Reading this seems some addon wont work till JIT is complete there are any news on JIT someone else are gonna work on it to help Cameron Kaiser?
_ Reading
  Is this solution still required on debian stable? If not which kernel version will fix it?
_I know disable glamor is needed to make the video work correctly, it will be fixed on debian bullseye or in “Blackbird 2” hardware?
_Should be really nice to have on a ppc64le live cd, did you talked with them for make it happen or do you will make it available on your website?

“Blackbird 2” questions/nice to have
_As i wrote i’m interested to run open stuff only, so i will not use a discrete gpu, but i will use the AST included with mobo, but should be nice to have “more power” on the graphical side just to avoid the cpu to compute what usually do a gpu, but just for simple task as desktop enviroment accelleration and watching videos considering those are light tasks for a gpu probably a kind of 3d framebuffer could handle it freeing the cpu to process it because for the cpu are intensive tasks, do the ast2600 will help on that? If not are you aware on other solution for this kind of “weak” 3d accelleration? I think 90% of user will be just happy to this kind of acceleration without the need of proprietary gpu

What about european reseller? One year ago i’ve read on twitter you were in touch with vikings but since then no other news on this matter, could you say something? Do european have some chance to buy your components within the eu?

Hoping you could answer to all my questions, thanks for reading, and a special thanks to raptor to make open pc true and all the community that work on related software project

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