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Firmware / Updating Talos II firmware to IBM PNOR V2.18?
« on: February 09, 2023, 07:07:59 pm »
According to this IBM documentation (thanks awilfox for the pointer), PNOR v2.18 contains the following change:

HIPER/Pervasive:   A problem was fixed for a processor core checkstop with SRC BC70E540 logged with Signature Description " ex(n0p1c4) (NCUFIR[11]) NCU no response to snooped TLBIE".  This problem is intermittent and random but occurs with relatively high frequency for certain workloads.  The trigger for the failure is one core of a fused core pair going into a stopped state while the other core of the pair continues running.

Is it possible to get the Talos II firmware bumped to upstream IBM v2.18? I believe I may be running into this bug.

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