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I got this error in my Blackbird's BMC log when there was a brief (like one second) power outage (brownout maybe?) last week.

That could be what's happening to mine too when I think about. Brief brown-outs aren't uncommon when it's windy or stormy, which it has been when it happened. I should probably invest in a UPS for it and see if it still gives me any trouble. I'll try MPC7500's suggestions too, thanks for the help!

I'll give that a try, thanks for the heads up!

User Zone / Re: Calling for gaming experiences
« on: April 28, 2023, 05:55:46 pm »
virtualjaguar compiled fine and runs great on void linux on my blackbird.

as a bit of an aside, perhaps the games compatibility section on the wiki could be broken up some and organize things, maybe a page for emulators, and game genres? or sort games by some other way, just spitballing. The more we add the larger and more cumbersome it will get to navigate. I don't mind setting it up, I'm note sure what the process is for that though.

I checked the OpenBMC web interface to find it reported in being critical health with 200 high priority errors logged yesterday over the course of about 3 hours, and as far as I can tell it's the same error for all of them.

The error is
Code: [Select]
org.open_power.Proc.FSI.Error.MasterDetectionFailureWhen I expand the entry this is what it reads-
Code: [Select]
CALLOUT_DEVICE_PATH=/sys/devices/platform/gpio-fsi/fsi0/slave@00:00/raw CALLOUT_ERRNO=0 _PID=8606
Like I said they all appear to be the same error with that same message, although the PID= number is different. My blackbird appeared to have powered off at some point as well, though I don't know when(can I check that somewhere in openbmc?). I stepped away from my pc for the evening before the first was logged and forgot to shut it down for the night, and when I went to use it this morning it was not running.

I'm running void linux as the os, and I couldn't find any logs that would shed any light on it. It seems by default void does have a syslog daemon and I never bothered installing one, oops.

Is this a cause for concern, and should I put a ticket in with RCS about it? It happened once before a few weeks or so ago but I chalked it up to a fluke, I cleared the logs and it seemed to be fine.

GPU Compute / Accelerators / Re: Necessary firmware for Navi14
« on: November 29, 2022, 05:28:21 pm »
Is the general consensus that navi14 firmware is too big for the bootkernfw? I've tried omitting various files to try getting the size down to no avail. With how my monitors are set up I can pretty much only use the HDMI port on my rx5300 or the onboard hdmi port of the blackbird, and it's a bit of a pain having to constantly climb under my desk to switch the ports when I need to use the boot menu. I just leave the onboard vga disabled just use the serial console on openbmc from my laptop when I need to get into the menu now, but of course being able to just use my rx5300 would be most ideal because I switch between void linux and fedora rather often.

Is there a chance that linux ppc64el will have support for the arc line of gpu's now that most of the models are out, or is it too soon to say? I'd be interested in picking up an a380 or a310 for my blackbird. Both of them would make for a good inexpensive card for encode/decode in hardware.

Ahh that would make sense. Is it still possible to compile 91esr with those patches on fedora?

Applications and Porting / Firefox 91 ESR on void vs Firefox on Fedora 36
« on: September 23, 2022, 10:26:54 am »
I dual boot void linux and fedora 36 on my Blackbird, and on void I have Firefox ESR 91, and on Fedora I use Firefox 104. One thing I have noticed is that firefox 91-esr is quite a bit quicker with JS related tasks than Firefox 104 on fedora.To be honest it feels just overall snappier. In fact some sites just straight up don't work on firefox 104 whereas they do on firefox 91, such as . The console gives an error (I will post the specific one when I am back home), that when I looked it up has to do with webasm I believe, and I made sure that everything is enabled related to that.

Even just navigating the app menu on firefox 104 is a bit sluggish, and the highlighted option will need a sec to catch up to where my mouse is, while firefox 91 esr on void is quite snappy. What are the differences between these 2 versions, and is it possible to either 91-esr on fedora 36? Or am I missing something regarding the configuration of firefox 104 on fedora?

Blackbird / Re: Issue with blackbird booting with GPU
« on: September 13, 2022, 10:44:16 am »
Is there pretty good support for the wx series card in fedora? I've thought about getting a wx2100 or wx3100 for my blackbird to have a little lower power card.

Blackbird / Re: Stereo audio channels swapped?
« on: September 11, 2022, 01:26:50 pm »
I fought with getting the 5.1 channels right for days on fedora I just gave up and threw in a sound blaster z. All the cahnnels seem to map right with that card OOTB.

Blackbird / Re: Issue with blackbird booting with GPU
« on: September 11, 2022, 01:24:49 pm »
Oh yes, when it didn't error out I could reboot and be back to the desktop in under a minute

Blackbird / Re: Issue with blackbird booting with GPU
« on: September 08, 2022, 08:59:20 pm »
ahh that seems to have fixed it, thanks!

Blackbird / Issue with blackbird booting with GPU
« on: September 07, 2022, 09:28:10 pm »
Ive been trying to figure out an issue that has popped up on my blackbird I just got. I have an AMD radeon rx460 installed, and I copied the firmware to petitboot per the wiki instructions. I have not had issue except for one in particular.

I dual boot void linux and fedora 36 on 2 separate partitions on the same ssd. If I am booted into fedora and I try rebooting, once I get back to the boot menu and I select fedora(void is my default), after a little bit the system will reset on its own(I have no image but I can hear the system make the usual beep it does once petitboot is booted), but when it comes back up I have no picture at all. I plugged a serial cable in and here is the output that I get right before the blackbird reboots on its own-

Code: [Select]
SIGTERM received, booting...
[   30.567440] kexec_core: Starting new kernel
[  732.338553086,3] PHB#0000[0:0]: PHB Freeze/Fence detected !
[  732.338627435,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:             PCI FIR=2000000000000000
[  732.338668357,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:         PCI FIR WOF=2000000000000000
[  732.338708204,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:            NEST FIR=0000800000000000
[  732.338744857,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:        NEST FIR WOF=0000800000000000
[  732.338803303,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:            ERR RPT0=0000000000000001
[  732.338843416,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:            ERR RPT1=0000000000000000
[  732.338886921,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:             AIB ERR=0000200000000000
[  732.339495958,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                  brdgCtl = 00000002
[  732.339564766,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:             deviceStatus = 00200020
[  732.339597369,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:               slotStatus = 00402000
[  732.339634254,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:               linkStatus = e8810008
[  732.339671612,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:             devCmdStatus = 00100107
[  732.339713240,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:             devSecStatus = 00000000
[  732.339746966,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:          rootErrorStatus = 00000000
[  732.339791957,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:          corrErrorStatus = 00000000
[  732.339824504,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:        uncorrErrorStatus = 00000000
[  732.339876364,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                   devctl = 00000020
[  732.339922642,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                  devStat = 00000020
[  732.339965476,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                  tlpHdr1 = 00000000
[  732.340001543,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                  tlpHdr2 = 00000000
[  732.340043233,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                  tlpHdr3 = 00000000         
[  732.340080492,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                  tlpHdr4 = 00000000         
[  732.340114836,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                 sourceId = 00000000         
[  732.340146126,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                     nFir = 0000800000000000 
[  732.340184116,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                 nFirMask = 0030001c00000000 
[  732.340224442,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                  nFirWOF = 0000800000000000 
[  732.340265905,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                 phbPlssr = 0000001800000000 
[  732.340308697,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                   phbCsr = 0000001800000000 
[  732.340349077,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                   lemFir = 0000000100100100 
[  732.340384576,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:             lemErrorMask = 0000000000000000 
[  732.340421385,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                   lemWOF = 0000000100000000 
[  732.340460422,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:           phbErrorStatus = 00000c8000000000 
[  732.340513791,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:      phbFirstErrorStatus = 0000008000000000 
[  732.340555510,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:             phbErrorLog0 = 2148000098000240 
[  732.340600566,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:             phbErrorLog1 = a008400000000000 
[  732.340640851,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:        phbTxeErrorStatus = 0000000000000000 
[  732.340677533,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:   phbTxeFirstErrorStatus = 0000000000000000 
[  732.340717880,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:          phbTxeErrorLog0 = 0000000000000000 
[  732.340759339,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:          phbTxeErrorLog1 = 0000000000000000 
[  732.340800798,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:     phbRxeArbErrorStatus = 0000000020000000 
[  732.340842211,3] PHB#0000[0:0]: phbRxeArbFrstErrorStatus = 0000000020000000 
[  732.340878983,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:       phbRxeArbErrorLog0 = 8080000000000000 
[  732.340917996,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:       phbRxeArbErrorLog1 = 0000000000000000 
[  732.340955935,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:     phbRxeMrgErrorStatus = 0000000000000001 
[  732.340996027,3] PHB#0000[0:0]: phbRxeMrgFrstErrorStatus = 0000000000000001 
[  732.341039826,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:       phbRxeMrgErrorLog0 = 0000000000000000 
[  732.341082502,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:       phbRxeMrgErrorLog1 = 0000000000000000 
[  732.341124221,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:     phbRxeTceErrorStatus = 0000000000000000 
[  732.341163276,3] PHB#0000[0:0]: phbRxeTceFrstErrorStatus = 0000000000000000 
[  732.341197728,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:       phbRxeTceErrorLog0 = 0000000000000000 
[  732.341234469,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:       phbRxeTceErrorLog1 = 0000000000000000 
[  732.341278243,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:        phbPblErrorStatus = 0000000000000000 
[  732.341319709,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:   phbPblFirstErrorStatus = 0000000000000000 
[  732.341361147,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:          phbPblErrorLog0 = 0000000000000000 
[  732.341400227,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:          phbPblErrorLog1 = 0000000000000000 
[  732.341439224,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:      phbPcieDlpErrorLog1 = 0000000000000000 
[  732.341476032,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:      phbPcieDlpErrorLog2 = 0000000000000000 
[  732.341518708,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:    phbPcieDlpErrorStatus = 0000000000000000 
[  732.341575426,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:       phbRegbErrorStatus = 0010000000000000 
[  732.341616940,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:  phbRegbFirstErrorStatus = 0010000000000000 
[  732.341658504,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:         phbRegbErrorLog0 = 8800005800000000 
[  732.341693140,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:         phbRegbErrorLog1 = 0000000007011000 
[  732.341741902,3] PHB#0000[0:0]:                PEST[1ff] = 3740002a01000000 0

After the system reboots on its own, it will boot into the os, I was able to SSH into my fedora os, and I coudl watch the boot process through a serial cable. If I shut the system down either through the os via serial console or just holding the power button, and then powering it back on I can get an image off my video card and boot into the OS just fine. But rebooting is where the issues start. Strangely if I have a serial cable plugged in to the system prior to powering it on the issue doesn't happen at all. I can reboot all day long.

This is not an issue with my void linux partition. I can reboot void linux and select void linux from the boot menu and it boots normally.

If I remove the jumper to enable the onboard hdmi the same thing happens. I also notice the image on the onboard hdmi was really colorful, but it went back the correct colors right as I went to grab my phone to take a picture. The weird colors haven't returned since, so maybe it was just my cable.

With the my rx460 removed and just running off the onboard hdmi I don't get the problem. I then tried another video card I have, an amd r5 240, and it also does not produce the issue. Erasing BOOTKERNFW seems to resolve the problem, so could it just be the gpu firmware? I used the firmware from void linux which has a 5.18 kernel version

General OpenPOWER Discussion / Re: News?
« on: July 12, 2022, 09:27:28 am »
That's fantastic! When did you place an order for one? Hopefully my order will be filled as well; I placed mine almost a year and a half ago

Blackbird / Re: Requst for someone who has a blackbird
« on: April 23, 2022, 07:06:46 am »
@mpc7500 I'm in the usa

I did see that tweet from them, and I don't mean to speak ill of raptor as I'm sure they're doing the best they can, however that wouldn't be the first time raptor has said that.

I did see this reply from them early march about why they have been back-ordered-

We'll save the details for the upcoming blog post (if it happens), but yes, in a nutshell one specific silicon vendor has had factories shut down due to COVID, and has impacted a bunch of different industries including automotive (and us) as a result.

My educated guess is possibly the Lattice ICE40HX1K-VQ100 since i couldn't find any reseller that has them in stock.

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